3 routines to help you have a healthier heart

It is no coincidence that the heart is compared to the “key” that operates the entire human body. As the top “busy” organ, the heart works non-stop to pump blood and nutrients to the brain, and the whole body. To protect this “key”, apply the following simple routine from today:
Stay positive
Emotions that seem to be very normal such as anger, stress, and boredom in fact still silently affect the “key” that operates our entire body, so try to maintain a healthy self-esteem positive and optimistic spirit. Taking time to share, connect with relatives, friends & colleagues or play sports, attend favorite classes are extremely effective ways to keep positive energy for your mental health.
Build a healthy lifestyle
Exercise regularly, get enough sleep (7-8 hours/day), gradually limit stimulants & alcoholic beverages, etc. These are all daily activities, taking place for a long time, so It has a huge impact on our heart health.
Reasonable diet
Apply a diet rich in fish, vegetables, and fruits, and at the same time limit fat, salt and calories because these substances can increase cholesterol, blood pressure and harm the cardiovascular system. Choose lean meat, low-fat dairy, avoid fast food.
In addition, adding Tiara plus+ MCT soybean oil to your meals will be a great way to protect your heart health as well as your family’s, because Tiara is not only rich in vitamins A, E & Omega 3-6-9 but also contains MCT – precious nutrients found in breast milk, palm kernel oil & coconut oil. Up to now, MCT is a nutrient that is no longer new to each of us. In fact, in 1960, MCT was used for the first time in patients with chronic gastritis and in the postoperative recovery period. Later, the uses of MCTs have been studied more and more extensively, and Tiara is the first soybean oil to successfully introduce this nutrient into cooking oil products in Vietnam. The outstanding benefits of MCT nutrients can be mentioned as:
  • Helps reduce bad cholesterol
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Contributing to improving body BMI
  • Strengthen your mind
Let’s apply the above principles with Nortalic to protect heart health from today!


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